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will teach you how to live life encouraged with joy for today and hope for tomorrow.

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Uplift Courses provide encouragement, strategies and tools that will help you make it through life's toughest situations.

These courses are for you if...

  • You want to be more emotionally prepared for the storms of life.

  • You desire to maintain a positive perspective even when everything seems to be going wrong.

  • You are ready to learn how to encourage yourself so that no person or situation can steal your joy.

How It Works

Life can be discouraging. But it doesn't have to be.

Uplift Courses are designed to help you choose joy in every situation.

Each course gives you access to video lessons, downloadable worksheets and life application activities on a specific topic.

Inside the course you can join in the discussion, ask questions and get encouragement for your specific situation.

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Meet your instructor

the encourager

Jamila Jackson

Jamila is a motivational speaker, personal development coach and the founder of loved+blessed. When her lifelong dream of motherhood was devastated by an infertility diagnosis, she found herself depressed, discouraged and feeling alone. It was in that season that she discovered valuable tools that helped her find her joy again. Even though God's answer to her prayer of motherhood has been no (or at least not yet), she lives her life encouraged. She's passionate about saving other women from the heartache, struggle and pain that she went through. Your struggle may not be infertility, but no matter what it is, Jamila wants to help you live your life encouraged.


"Jamila's ability to minister to a wide range of audiences is just one result of having not only survived the storms, but having thrived through them as God has developed her heart for Him."  -  Dana -

"Her story is encouraging, empowering, and relatable.  I have yet to hear a judgy message.  Only sweet reminders of how we are not forsaken, but loved and adored by God."  -Melanie -

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We're hard at work on our premium course, "Choose Joy"

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    With premium courses you'll get our exclusive perpetual encouragement calendar, a way to celebrate life and cultivate gratitude.

I'm so excited for you to jump in and get started! I'll see you on the inside. Hugs, Jamila

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